video 9 Dec

Yet another case of the scandinavian giggles:

I came across this video through a friend of mine this weekend and it just made me piss my pants laughing. 

If you’re thinking “this guy looks familiar”, it’s possible that you’ve seen him before on another Norwegian comedy video I’ve shared by the group “Raske Menn”, in which the very talented Calle Hellevang-Larsen (the blond guy in the video) is a member.

Enjoy !

photo 22 Aug
quote 10 Jul
When my beloved grandpa died on the day of his and my grandma’s 52nd anniversary, I thought to myself “Men will do anything to get away from an anniversary!”
— Sarah
chat 10 Jul 1 note ..and that's his girlfriend talking..
  • Him: I missed you
  • Her: How drunk are you ?
video 25 May 2 notes

In and around Stockholm: This is Rinkeby

Over the last few days Stockholm has had its share of international news coverage - mainly because of the riots - and areas like Husby and Rinkeby, suburbs with an already battered reputation, took center-stage in this news coverage that showed them under a very unflattering light.

Having lived in Rinkeby for a while now, I figured I’d give a glimpse of what this part of town is really like, so I went out this morning, took a walk around town and snapped some quick pictures.

Every once in a while it’s important to challenge preconceived ideas, and hopefully today you’ll reconsider the idea that Rinkeby (or any other “poor” or “immigrant-rich” Stockholm suburb for that matter) is a scary place to live.

Don’t let the exaggerated media reports fool you, in spite of last week’s sad events, life here is still good.

Update: My friend Egle dropped by that day and took some stunning pictures. Make sure to check them out

video 2 May

The definite “Start your day with a smile” song

I bet that by the end of this song you’ll have a big stupid smile on your face, that is if you haven’t already started singing along.

Cheers !

text 25 Mar 1 note "Story telling night: Eroticism" this Tuesday at Metro Al Madina


Beirut’s Metro Al Madina has been hosting a monthly recurring event called “Story Telling Night”. For this month’s installment, they have chosen Eroticism as the theme of the night and will feature short stories by Lebanese writers and bloggers.

When the organizers approached me for possibly sharing one of my short stories, I thought the idea of the event was so refreshing I couldn’t resist saying yes, despite the fact that I wouldn’t be able to read the story myself seeing as I’m out of the country.

Thankfully I was lucky enough to find a surrigate reader who will do more than a great job at conveying the emotional and sensual intricacies of the story I wrote for this event.

All this to say that if you happen to be in Lebanon this week, make sure to head down to Metro on Tuesday night for what I’m sure will be a fun night of literature and erotic-themed stories.

Cheers !

text 1 Mar The sign

As you look outside your window something looks different.. Through a spot of melted snow you can see the road’s asphalt that’s been in hiding for an eternity now, and across the street right beside some rocks, you can almost make out a patch of grass.

In the silhouettes of the people passing by, faces can once again be seen through women’s now shrunken wool scarves and men’s no longer fully closed hooded jackets, and that’s all the confirmation you need. 

The trees are still bare, but it’s too late to convince you otherwise. You put away your winter clothes and put on a light sweater. As you put your jacket on and prepare to step outside your winter gloves call out to you in a last bid to hold on to their job. You check the weather forecast for one last confirmation that you weren’t mistaken in seeing all the signs of spring coming: Yup, it looks like you won’t be needing gloves after all, the weather is no longer cold, just a refreshing zero degrees. Spring is here !

chat 22 Feb 1 note And I thought only women used that line..
  • Her: We're only speaking Swedish today
  • Him: You mean for the entire date ? I'm not sure that's going to work..
  • Her: Well, that's the only way your Swedish is going to get better: You're going to have to seduce me in Swedish. And no you can't argue your way out of this one
  • Him: Alright, but I'm warning you, if by the end of the date I have a headache I totally have the right to turn down sex
quote 5 Feb
You want to fix public schools ?
Get a working public health care system ?
Improve public transportation ?
How about we make a law that every elected politician’s kids HAVE to go to public schools, that their families can ONLY get the government sponsored health care coverage, and make them ride the BUS to work every day ?
Maybe then they’ll feel involved enough to make some changes !
— Just might work.. or maybe we’d end up with sky high prices for everything, since unlike the rest of us they could still afford it..
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